About the company

Fonleap is a software company based in Cambridge. It was founded by two University of Cambridge PhDs seeking to address the storage needs of businesses. Fonleap's core IP is called Storleap, bringing advanced, next-generation storage and synchronization technologies to your existing IT infrastructure.

Executive team


Dr Dan Greenfield - spent four years leading teams at startups in Silicon Valley architecting and building groundbreaking products in parallel computing and high performance networking, with a subsequent acquisition by NASDAQ-listed nVidia. He completed a MEng in Bioinformatics, followed by a PhD in Computer Science at the University of Cambridge. His PhD dissertation in Communication Locality in Computation was awarded the 2011 BCS/CHPC Distinguished Dissertation Prize, for the top Computer Science dissertation in the UK. Insights from this dissertation led to founding Fonleap.


Dr Alban Rrustemi - completed a Diploma and a PhD in Computer Science at the Computer Laboratory, University of Cambridge. His PhD was on scalable, distributed algorithms and architectures, and was involved in two research projects at Microsoft Research in Cambridge. At Fonleap, he has been working for over three years on virtualisation and advanced filesystem technologies as part of the PocketVM and Storleap products. He has been responsible for project management and for leading the commercialisation of Storleap, which is now commercially licensed to a global backup storage company.